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Mini Portable Bike Pump Compatible CO2 Tire Inflator

Mini Portable Bike Pump Compatible CO2 Tire Inflator

$15.99 $39.99

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Wantdo Mini Portable Bike Pump Compatible CO2 Tire Inflator,Fits Presta and Schrader Valves Hand Bicycle Air Pump,Compact Lightweight Bicycle Tire Cycling Pump for Road,Mountain and BMX Bikes

  • INFLATE YOUR TIRES IN SECONDS: Get back on the road in seconds using our fast and reliable CO2 pump.Operates on both Presta and Schrader valves.CO2 cartridges not included and sold separately
  • HAND PUMP FEATURE: Don’t have CO2 cartridge with you,no problem! Use as a portable hand pump that allows you to pump at a maximum of 120 PSI.Hand pump feature is only compatible for Presta valves.
  • BUILT STRONG WITH NO LEAKS: Cylinder and gas valves are made of tightly packed CNC aluminum alloy providing superior quality and no leaks
  • SAVE BIG INVEST SMART: Why spend your money on just CO2 pump when you can invest on a pump that works with CO2 cartridges and as a hand pump.You’ll never have to worry about bringing a back up hand pump in case you run out of cartridges because this pump can do it all.
  • BONUS ACCESSORIES: Comes with a mounting bike attachment bracket,6 glueless tire patches,2 tire pry bar,a sports needle to inflate your basketball,football,soccer ball if you need to.

Wantdo bicycle pump are professionally designed to help bicycle riders to enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant cycling Enjoy your pleasant cycling with Wantdo bike pumps!

  • CNC Aluminum Alloy Materials
  • Hand Pump Compatible CO2 Pump(Note:No CO2 Cylinder Included)
  • CO2 Pump Fits Schrader & Presta,Hand Pump Fits Presta Valve
  • Mini Size,Convenient to carry out
  • Easy for installation

How To Pump Your Bicycle ?

bicycle pump

bike pump

bicycle pump

Hand Pump


  1. Connect to your bicycle with Presta Valves
  2. Pump up your bike


Note:Hand Pump can only match Presta Valve,if Schrader Valve,CO2 Pump is a Good Choice

CO2 Pump (Not Include CO2 Cylinder)


  1. Connect the pump to your bike,it can directly fit both Schrader and Presta Valves
  2. Tighten co2 cylinder with gas nozzle clockwise,it is to pierce the co2 cylinder with the thimble inside the cylinder head
  3. Co2 cylinder half twist counterclockwise,co2 gas will go into the tire and pump your bicycle
  4. After your pumping,clockwise the pump to tighten the co2 cylinder and stop your pump


Easy to install and carry out


  • Mini Size: 5.31",Only 67g
  • With the attached frame-mounted bracket,Convenient to carry out


So easy for you to install the pump on your bike,enjoy your cool riding.

Instructions for Installation

bike pump

bike pump

bike pump

bike pump

Step 1

Set the bike pump with frame mount

Step 2

Open the buckle

Step 3

Put inside your bike pump

Step 4

Fasten the buckle,then finished



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