About Us

Wantdo have been developing outdoor gear for families since 2011. At Wantdo, we built a company that aspires to make you feel good when you get outside. We want to make outdoor apparel that is not only functional but also makes you feel like yourself.


Fit matters

Fit is about feeling good when you put on that ski jacket on your first Lake Tahoe trip. It isn’t about being on trend, it’s about being yourself. If something doesn’t quite fit - your body, your values, your character - it throws everything else off balance.

Through experimentation, adventures, epic fails and a few successes, we have developed a set of beliefs about how outdoor apparel should fit, and how they should feel. A comfortable, flattering fit should not be an afterthought, it should be a guiding design principle. This is our philosophy for every new product we imagine.


Fit Solutions

Wantdo product development team aims to improve the fit of apparel with innovative sizing technologies. Over the years, we have accumulated fitting information from over 1,000,000 pieces of feedback, which provides a guideline for Wantdo fit standard evaluation. 

Wantdo is passionate about designing the best fit apparel for you. With a unique 360-degree approach, we employ 3D dynamic pattern-making technology and innovative strategies to upgrade our designs. Wile the brand continued to shape the outdoor market through product and customer experience, Wantdo launched over 10 major design upgrades.


Our Mission

Wantdo's fundamental vision has remains unchanged since 2011: to provide the best gear for family outdoor adventure and inspire the movement of exploration. We believe high quality outdoor apparel with excellent fit should not come with a crazy price tag.That sense of investment has not changed. As of 2018, we are proud to have shipped gear to over 1,250,000 satisfied customers around the world.  

Our details

Zheng He Cross-border Limited operates the website.
Email: service@wantdo.com
Address: Level 54 Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai HK
*All orders are fulfilled locally in the US.